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I flew into Eureka California around 10:40 on the 29th after a canceled flight which allowed a fantastic 10 hour stroll through Sacramento. I’m not lying, maybe it was a long day, but Sacramento is a great little place with a beautiful city park and a bit of public/street art worth seeing in person.

We have all arrived and orientation has begun. We’re in the process of laying out our training schedule and the details that go with it. This includes scheduling pairs of people who have certain duties per day. Cooking, cleaning, maintenance and all that has to be taken care of by someone after all. As well we’ll be diving into what our needs are for media production and article writing. As a junior student I am still not sure entirely what our goals for them are.

Many of you are curious about training here. I will be getting to the good juicy stuff about that as these blogs progress. After all the training here is actually a bit new to myself as well.

But for now take care till I get another post up.

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