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Sorry I missed last weekend’s blog. It had been a long week for me and I was quite exhausted. Dr. Yang helped me recuperate by giving me some advice and good food. It is such a special opportunity to be here learning directly from him and I am very thankful for all the effort he puts into us.

Last weekend, we did take the life of the young rooster. It’s not an enjoyable experience. It causes you to be much more empathetic and aware of what goes into eating meat as life is a valuable thing.

I’ve also planted a bed of beets over that last week for winter. I’ll be looking at some creative ways to cook them up and let you know what I find.

Below I’ve added two names of guys who came out here to train. They also treated us using acupuncture and Tui Na massage which was amazing after a hard day of training. These guys are great. Matt was only able to stay a week. Gray was fortunate enough to stay two months. I thank them for their patience for the time it’s taken me to get this up.

Here’s Gray’s bio:

My full name is Grayson Estrada (though I often go by Gray).  I attended Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture in Santa Cruz, CA and recently graduated with my 4-year Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture.  My undergrad Bachelor’s Degree was in Studio Art from California State University Chico.
My ultimate vision is to integrate Traditional Art, Internal Martial Arts, Qigong, and the Healing Arts into a seminar based business model that people can practice as a path to healing.  Also, I feel the Healing Arts and the Martial Arts should be taught as an integrated whole because their relationship with one another is deeply reciprocal.  Within this synergistic system, I also plan to teach seminars on Food Healing and Emotional Intelligence.
My path to the Healing Arts stemmed from emersion in the Martial Arts.  The first style I formally trained in was Kuk Sul Do, a Korean Internal Martial Art, under Charles Duran.  I then progressed into studying the Chinese Internal Martial Arts, primarily Hsing-I, Bagua, and Tai Chi under the North American Tang Shou Tao Association.  Under this organization I was also trained in Jin Shou Tui Na Massage and Cranio Sacral Therapy.  Most recently, I had the unique opportunity to live and train at the YMAA Retreat Center for two months under Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming and his disciples / students.  My current emphasis is on maximizing the therapeutic, restorative, and healing aspects of the Internal Martial Arts, so that people are able to live and embody radiant health via the influences of these martial traditions.  I hope to teach the above mentioned tenets on a large scale with other like-minded practitioners who are willing and able to teach with open and receptive hearts.
Here is a link where more information can be found about me and part of an organization that I work with:  http://nourishing-life.org/practitioners/
The other gentleman I’d like to mention is Matt Abeyta:
 Mathew Abeyta, 37 years old, from Sacramento, CA. Trained locally in massage (CA). After 13 years of practice and many classes of different styles of massage I have lent my work to a more myofacialtechnique with long strokes mixed in.  My philosophy in massage has evolved into the system of understanding what a person physically does, how a person’s emotional state is (at the moment of a service), and learning how that particular person’s tissue reacts to different pressures and techniques, in order to find what works the best. I feel one can coax the tissue into relaxation and then apply deeper strokes to fortify that state of relaxation. I tend to apply a stroke with one hand and read the tissue response with the other.  I am currently the spa manager in a highly reputableAVEDA salon in the northern California territory. Strands Salon and Spa. Other than a good hands on massage, I also offer the Chakra massage, Hot Stones, and pregnancy services. I love meeting the babies after they are delivered.  I plan on reading Dr. Yang’s book on massage and making that a part of my practice as well.

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