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We’ve gotten to the end of our second month. As with anything there have been both good days and bad days. As you know we run up the mountain for leg conditioning. It occurred to me as I was heading to the bottom the other morning how much easier it was going down than up.  I know, that’s obvious. But what was more valuable was that the mountain, in addition to a literal thing that causes sweaty clothes, suddenly became a metaphor. In life you have to climb many mountains over and over again. Maybe they’re different mountains or maybe they’re the same one. I suppose the individual decides. It’s easy to go down to the bottom and much harder to go back to the top. Maybe water has the right idea? But then what’s the point if we always take the easy way out? Maybe though you could go further? But aren’t mountains meant to be climbed? The views must be astounding. But what do you think?

My legs have been getting stronger. My foot speed on the low logs, high logs, and stumps is getting quicker. The low logs are essentially a massive version of pick up sticks that you run across as fast as you can. Of course you’re supposed to do this without breaking your ankle between any of the criss-crossed logs. The high logs are single logs connected from tree to tree about 10ft off the ground. You do the same thing, run along them as fast as you can, and again without falling off. The stumps…well dido, you use your balance, foot speed, coordination and rooting. This week I’ll get some video/photos showing what I am talking about for next weeks blog.

Hope everyone is doing well like usually.

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  1. Robert Says:

    Mountains: You can go up. You can go down. At the top, you can enjoy the view. At the bottom, you can enjoy the majesty looking up. There is a time for both.

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