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Here are the demonstrations of the high logs, low logs, and stumps. Thanks for waiting so long, it’s been an experiment with different programs to format the videos correctly. For now you’ll have to use the links at the bottom of this post.

On the high logs it took me about a minute. The goal is to be able to do the high log and the horizontal rope (seen at the beginning and end) in a minute. Whoo!

On the low logs I’m working on two things. Being as fast as possible and being as creative as possible. To be fast I run from one side to the other making as few steps as possible. I skip the not so solid logs and jump to the sturdy ones. It’s easier this way because you can get your momentum going. To be creative I try to find difficult routes. Sometimes I do laps around the outside, figure 8′s or zigzag. This tends to be much harder because of the kinds of logs and angles that you have to deal with. As well your momentum is constantly cut to shreds. Endurance becomes much more important. Either way keeping the feet and body moving as fast as possible is a high priority.

This is also the same for stumps. But stumps are trickery, especially on slightly damp days. Each stump has a different point of balance and some of these points are particularly small when you try to run across the top of them. Just like the low logs, finding challenging routes is essential so you don’t get stuck in same foot work. I compare these logs and stumps to the foot speed training we do. If you’re a moving target, you’re harder to hit. But it is different, as there is no backwards or side to side…yet. If you can maneuver around on these obstacles then it makes moving around on flat surfaces easier. You’re ankles, legs and balance all become stronger and more reliable.

High Logs

Low Logs




4 Responses to “Logs and Stumps Demo”

  1. bob olsen Says:

    ever try stumps in reverse at nite ??

  2. KD Says:

    Thanks for the videos, looks like fun.

    You have a broken link for the second video (Low Logs); missing the colon!


  3. Rory Olsen Says:

    Looks beautiful out there. Also, seeing you running through the trees validates me when I tell people you are in Ninja Training.

    As a side note, you lowlogs link turned out to be:
    rather than:

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks guys for pointing out the broken link. Though I had them all working.

    @Brory, just remember, ninjas are from Japan!
    @Uncle, not yet…do I get a flash light?!

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