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Last weekend we moved about 60 beets and chard from the outside to inside the green house. This weekend we moved a bunch of mustard greens both inside and outside as they needed to be spread to the other beds. They’ll be hardy enough to stand the cold weather that’s coming.  There are some leaves falling but mostly things are green. Surprisingly, we have had little rain. It’s suppose to be raining nearly everyday now. California isn’t doing well in this respect. Some one do a mighty rain dance for all of California. Thanks!

photo 3

Here’s a nice picture of the gazebo with some mist. As part of our physical conditioning we do lots of jumping for the legs. One of the drills is jumping up on to the wall in the picture (slightly higher than the knee) and back down as many times as possible for 30 seconds. I’ve been doing 3 rounds to build endurance and pacing. It’s easy to jump quick for the first 15 seconds and be burnt the last 15.  Shin pads suggested. Here’s why:

photo 2

Normally you end up with a bruised shin and minimal scraping, but this one went straight to the bone. I must have caught one of the edges funny. Since we’re training Gongfu there’s bound to be some injuries here and there. Scratches, bruises, and strains are the worst it gets. The stumps do tend to dish out some decent scrapes to the arms though. But we take lots of precautions to make sure nothing serious happens. A continuous conversation here is how to train hard and stay safe, both physically and mentally.

Since that wasn’t such a pretty picture I’ll leave you with this one.

photo 1


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  1. Adam Says:

    Damn nasty wound! Makes me want to go back there and train. Seriously though I miss training all day ev’r day up in the mountains. I hope that Taijiquan program is still in the pipeline

  2. admin Says:

    Taijiquan is definitely still in there, and loving it too. Come back and train some time if you get a chance, it’d be awesome!

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