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Upstairs is where most of the 5 year students and an occasional guest sleep. There are five of us that share the room right now. We use air mats and sleeping cushions/pads. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter that we don’t have beds because we usually hit the floor like rocks. I speak for my self at least. We don’t really spend a lot of time in here. Sleeping in the same room has been good for getting to know each other and has been a positive thing. It’s basically like having good brothers.

These last few weeks have been odd. Normally training ends at 6:30pm and we have media time or Q&A time with Dr. Yang. Lately though, we’ve have had some days end at 6pm for lectures and presentations.

Breaking the schedule a little has been good. Although we lose some body conditioning time we gain a moment for the mind to focus else where. These “distractions” have been similar to pausing from something you’re trying hard to think about. Once you give it a break, it’s easier to come back to later and finish. Just a little change is good to keep things fresh.

For a few of the rescheduled days we got some lectures on TCM theory by a Qigong instructor Lisa O’Shea. She is a good friend of the center. The lectures she did were very informative. ¬†They helped me understand connections between some of my habits and health. I eat less food now which has helped me think more clearly. We all appreciate her efforts. Check out her site as she has some good information there.


Another day Javi, a senior student, did a lecture on his thoughts about the future for YMAA. This is something that’s very important to all of us here. After all we are here to not only train, but to build the skills necessary to take on the challenges ahead in order to preserve traditional Chinese martial arts. In a modern world based on a different set of values, this isn’t easy, and we must think about how best to do this. I hope to write about this more as I develop more thoughts.

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