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Hope everyone had a great new years!

Although it was nice and quiet here over break, with only Dr. Yang, Frank, Javi, and myself, it is great to have everyone back.

It seems for the most part, all have had a good break and we’re getting back into the schedule. Hence I’ll be back into blogging on Sundays. Feel free to leave comments, questions, or thoughts. I’ll do my best to respond to posts. Discussions always make the topic at hand more interesting (it’d be interesting to hear what people are thinking).

This semester the 5 year students will be working less on body conditioning and more on sequence training.  So far the new schedule feels funny after getting used the last one, but I’m sure we’ll live. We fortunate and lucky though, because it also means we get to spend more time training with the seniors. Here is the general schedule we’re looking at:

- Mornings > Internal Focus > including squats, qigong, tumbling, taijiquan, push hands, centering drills, weapons, taiji ball, and additional partner work.
- Afternoons > External Focus > including sequences for Long Fist/ White Crane/weapons, reaction training, candle watching/punching, body conditioning, applications, and additional partner work.

Talk to you next week. Wish us luck, or if you have something better, we’ll take it! Take care!

2 Responses to “12th Semester Begins”

  1. TK Says:

    あけましておめでとう!Happy New Year!
    Saw an awesome movie about Bruce Lee’s teacher called ‘The Grandmaster.’ Made me think of you. Don’t know if you have access to movies out there, but check it out if you get the chance.
    Man, time seems to go fast there in Califorina. Every couple of weeks 6 months passes. ;-P (semester: half-year term; from Latin semestris: ‘six-monthly’)
    How many terms do you have per year there?
    Sounds like you’re working hard and learning lots! Ganbatte!

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks! Happy New Year to you also! Actually we watched it last semester, really great visuals and it good action. 9 semesters, we’ve just done the one from last year. Hope everything is going well for you!

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