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This week is a bunch of different thoughts I’d like to get out there.

First of all, it’s finally raining! Over the last week we’ve gotten a few inches, which is well below normal, but it’s better than nothing. I suppose it’s no different than blocking an attack even if it’s a lousy one. Something is better than nothing. The color green has been revived from the depths of the tan it was turning into. The moisture is revitalizing and the forest smells like fresh earth.

The new schedule I talked about has become more comfortable and I enjoy it. It feels broken down into appropriately focused sections of the curriculum. I haven’t managed to stay disciplined in my running, not having it in our already busy schedule doesn’t help. I hope to change that this week if the weather allows. I have however been much more disciplined in stretching. Having less leg building and more loosening is causing my legs to feel weak and spring-less. I’ve got to get that back but it’s going to be a process.

It’s interesting how your entire life is connected; everything you’ve done previously affects you today. Sure the small things may not mean much, like that one time you got a paper cut and don’t remember. But there are also the substantial changes too. It all adds up regardless.

Often we find ourselves at a point in life, or at least for myself, and we feel either locked into a situation or that we aren’t sure of the next step. Both situations are true, no doubt. But these two feeling are truest when we don’t consider context. It’s good to look back at the dots that connect you to where you’re at now. And then also look at future dots. Where do I want to be? Is it really possible? By taking a minute to do this, life becomes clear and more understandable. Then the limits can become something else, like challenges or opportunities. The limitless can become informed and focused. It’s good to constantly look at the way things are in an effort to eliminate what you imagined previously and avoid expectations that don’t match the real situation.

Anyway, this week I’m going to focus on paying attention how I breath in training. I’d like to integrate it as finely as possible with techniques and sequences. Taking one aspect of training every week or per day to focus on is becoming more and more of a training strategy for me. There are some many details to pay attention when training full time that it’s easy to allow the mind to become overburdened.

Dr. Yang, his son Nicholas, and Jon leave soon to head to South America. They’ll be visiting Chile and then heading to Argentina where they’ll be lots of training a 5-day (South America) summer camp. We all hope it goes well and there is good attendance!

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    A butterfly’s wings…
    …then when you’re making lemonade that paper cut suddenly comes to the foreground! ;-P

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