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This last week was hard one, but good. I pushed myself physically by including more resistance with heavier weapons and training tools. I felt it in my back and shoulders, they were pretty tight these last few days. Additionally, though I have a shorter lunch break, I am back running the mountain again; it feels great.

When we train we usually use Feivue kungfu shoes. They’re great, but between your sweaty foot and the rugged concrete, the toes and heels get chewed up pretty fast. It’d be nice if we could fix them up as the rest of the shoe is still good. I ordered some shoe goo and made a quick attempt to patch a pair. We’ll see how it works this week and then next weekend I can spend a bit more time refining the process. Also I went and got my California driver’s license this last week. It had to happen, but the DMV killed my Colorado license…ah man, now I a Californian??? Take care.
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