Over the last week we’ve begun to pick up the pace for this semester as we’re about half way through. The seniors have begun to teach new sequences: Qi Xing Dao (Long Fist saber), Taiji Jian (Taiji sword), and Yi Lu Mai Fu/Xiao Hu Yan (Longfist barehand). As well there are additional short weapon basics. For sword/saber we worked on four corner matching through out this and last semester. This is when two partners trade sword/saber attacks and blocks in a continuous back and forth rhythm. One person rocks forward into deng san bu (mountain climber stance) striking while the other rocks back into si liu bu (6/4 stance) blocking. We’ve added sticking basics. Instead of letting the blades (arm length sticks) separate we maintain contact in circular cuts to the head and knees.

Below are some photos from Rohner park in Fortuna (45 minutes north of the retreat center on highway 101). I went there the last couple weekends to walk around. It’s a beautiful little park and it has some great spots to train or meditate. It was amazing seeing the contrast of the size of the trees from the giant stumps that remain from being cut down.

photo 2photo 3

photo 4

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  1. Wayne Says:

    Kyle is this the woods you were telling me about? Looks wonderful.

  2. admin Says:

    Yeah, that’s it. Its very nice to be in.

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