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This up coming week will be a busy one. We’ll be doing two video shoots. For one of them Dr. Yang will be explaining how to care for the body’s health. It will be 12-Meridian Qigong and explain how to maintain a balanced energy circulation through the body’s main 12 meridians. The DVD will be accompanied by a book and are estimated to be available next year in the spring. For the other shoot he will be discussing nei gong. Nei gong is the cultivation of internal energy. Understanding how to cultivate the body’s internal energy is an essential element of Chinese martial arts.

Dr. Yang has spent his life learning and educating people about traditional Chinese martial arts. He has written many books and DVD’s that should be read for those interested in the arts. YMAA.com has them to check out when you have a chance.

A lot has already been done to make the shoot happen. Coordinating with YMAA publishing was one of the first things. We had to find the proper equipment, get a budget together, and plan shooting dates. As well, Dr. Yang and the seniors have been planning how best to film for educational and aesthetic purposes.

Monday evening we’ll begin the final steps of the pre-production phase. This will include getting the sets arranged, make sure equipment is working, including audio, lights, and cameras, and other last minute details. Tuesday morning the production phase officially starts and shooting begins. It’s one of the rare cases we’re cutting meditation short which is virtually unheard of.

Though this week will bring it’s own unique challenges it is one we’re looking forward to. We will be learning about video production as well as learning from Dr. Yang since he will be explaining elements of our training.

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