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The video shoot went well last week. We were able to complete everything planned and there weren’t any major problems. We did learn a lot and the experience was great. For example, there needs to be more planning in pre-production. We didn’t have a written schedule per-se; it would have been nice to have it on a white board for everyone to see. As well, a detailed story board and also item, set, and talent lists could be made. They would cut down spontaneous decision making and save time. Spreading out the shooting over another day was also suggested. Dr. Yang did a great job as the number one talent teaching about massage and internal energy cultivation. Thank you to David Silver who flew all the way out here to help guide us and make it happen. Everyone did a great job in their respective roles and we all worked together well. I am excited to see the final product once it’s complete.

I didn’t get to take too many picture of the shoot, but some of the other students did. I’ll see if I can get some to put up for you next weekend.

Reading is becoming a lost art among my generation. I’ve been doing more reading of Dr. Yang’s books this last week, specifically his Qigong Meditation Embryonic Breathing. I am disappointed with myself that I haven’t done more. The mental road map it builds by address theory and technique is essential to understanding meditations and training.

The weather has gotten fairly warm, 70s most days. It is great for training outside, but we’re still about 28 inches behind on rain. Have a fabulous week.


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