We should, really. It has nothing to do with living up in the mountains which could be compared to living like monks. ¬†Really, it’s plain and simple: efficiency. Out here at the retreat center we just had a yellow water light. The word scare would be an exaggeration but we were using more water than our own water sources could produce. We have three large water drums and a smaller one to store water which are filled by pumping water from a well and a spring. Over the last day we’ve had to cut down on how we use our limited supply. Thankfully it’s worked and we’re back on track. In addition to saving water while showering it makes it feasible to show just before bed. No soggy pillow, ¬†your bed sheets stays cleaner, and the best part is no combing or hair spray in the morning! To be honest though ladies, please don’t shave your heads, you are great just the way you are, unless punk and a shaved head is your style.

Since I’ve mentioned water, here are some shots of our water at work. We’ve planted some new radish, cabbage, daikon, and other seeds for the last crop of the year before its winter. They’ve required a bit of extra water to keep them from drying out in the day and we’ve spent time transplanting some of them because we had too many planted together. The long shot is over looking the beds with our green house in the background. In the winter, other than kale and a few other veggies, the green house will be the only self-sufficient produce we get. The rest will have to be bought.

I tried to get distance and elevation recordings for the mountain run but my phone didn’t pick it up. I will to have to try again next time. As well I think I may have to cut down to updating the blog once a week here soon.


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  1. Dad Says:

    Kyle, sounds like a new world for you. I am sure you will prosper. I will try to call you this weekend on Sun. Love Dad

  2. admin Says:

    Sounds good, thanks Dad. Talk to you soon.

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