Each semester we’re required to write an article. This is to build writing skills and discover something at the same time. My article will be about inflammation related to acute injuries and general non-life threatening cases. I’ve attached an outline (word document) to give you a better idea of my thoughts. If anyone has any suggestion feel free to send them my way. As well I’m currently looking for sources of information including, books, people with credentials I could interview, or anything else. Let me know if you know of anything. Thank you!


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  1. Adam Says:

    Hey Kyle

    Hope the training is going well. There is a lot about inflammation out there but the man to look up is Dr Gary Reinl, he has came to attention in the past year because of a viral video (amongst Doctors, NFL, NBA, MLB trainers and the youtube public) that talks about inflammation and icing. You have to look at when you go into town because its 20 minutes long and will kill the broadband up there http://www.mobilitywod.com/2013/07/community-video-peoples-weve-got-to-stop-icing-a-year-later/ Also if I could suggest another topic you should add to your abstract is reducing inflammation through diet. Using fish oil, being on a gluten free diet and managing a lot of factors in your diet has become a major topic thanks to the crossfit community. Being an athlete and training all day long your body will be constantly inflamed and taking painkillers and other drugs break down the muscles, not something you want to do when you are trying to build them right, Dr Gary explains better than I can, but yeah it is crucial for performance.

    I hope this helps and look forward to reading the article.


  2. admin Says:

    Adam, Thank you for the tip sir. I’ll definitely check that out when I can and see what Dr. Gary has going. I do plan to talk about diet in conjunction with diet. I agree with you about fish oils, gluten free diets, and painkilers from the research I’ve done. I hope to find out some more about the topic and perhaps more solid sources than just what I remember off the top of my head. Thanks again, hope things are well with the portfolio/jobs and life over there. Take care.

  3. Mary Says:

    Hi Kyle- enjoying the updates on your adventure. I will ask Kelly to check with people at work on the inflammation research and see if they can steer you towards some worthwhile reading. PS – we have plenty of extra H2O in Colorado if you need some.

  4. admin Says:

    That would be awesome, I’d appreciate it. Thank you!

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