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The first two shots are of us practicing a drill┬ácalled “centering”. It’s used for finding your balance and root into the ground. One person pushes and pulls on the elbows of their partner and tires to find the defenders point of balance. The person being pushed has to use their whole body to keep from stepping or losing balance. This is done by rotating the waist and dropping weight, moving the arms and shoulders, and staying loose. If the attacker finds the defenders center/point of balance it’s easy to get pushed/pulled over. There is a major component of being sensitive to the other person’s movements in order to either defend or attack.

The third shot is practicing a taijiquan application used to take an opponent down, the name of which I’m not sure at the moment. The first step, already done, is escaping some who grabs your wrists. From there the defender slides in and seals the attackers arms against their own body making it easy to control their posture. After the posture is broken, which can be seen, its easier to take out one of the legs.

The last shot is training with cinder blocks, thanks to Enrico and Nathan. Yes, we really do throw them at each other, it’s actually quite fun. This builds our gripping strength/relfexes, eye hand coordination, awareness, and cooperation.

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