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We’ve been here about a month now. The honey moon is wearing off and is being replaced by a feeling of familiarity. It is getting colder, windier, and wetter.


I’ve been working on getting into a routine to keep my time organized.┬áNormally I take a 20 minute lunch-time nap. One of my favorite parts of training! ; )┬áBut, I’m taking it out for the most part. I need to get more done and I’ll sleep a little better at night without it. As well I’ve decided to run the mountain every time with just 10lbs and gradually work my way up to heavier weights. By jumping up and down weights I felt 20lbs a little too much in the lower back last time. I’m going to get up at 5-5:30am. I’ll be able to take a shower to warm up. That way I can stretch or study Chinese a little before meditation.

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  1. bob olsen Says:

    gaing or losing weight ??

  2. admin Says:

    Hah, I need to weigh myself more at a consistent time, but I think I’ve gained a pound…

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