This last week we went through a testing experience. It gave us a feel for how the semester tests will go. It was two long days of pushing ourselves to the max (from speed drills to taijiquan form and everything in between). Thanks to Dr. Yang and the senior students we learned a lot from it and it will severe as guidance. Because of it we have begun to revise our afternoon training schedule to be more efficient. I’ll eventually get the whole thing up here but for now patience will have to do.

The most common comment I heard for my self was that there needs to be more connection between the lower body and the upper body. Another general comment was to use the whole body (funny how “whole body” made it in there again) when jumping. The suggestion paid off because I was able to take my jumping to the next level, literally. I made it to 5th stair with a ~6 to 8ft running start using two feet to push and land. The dog, Xiaohu, wasn’t there at the time, I promise.

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For Saturday afternoon work we did some more renovation on the garden to clean up for winter. Some of the radish we planted and then relocated as sprouts (earlier plant pictures)┬áturned out to be daikon instead. Daikon need more room to grow than radish. So we transplanted more of them. I counted about 70 for myself. Some went outside, but most went into the green house (the close bed and the far right bed in the last picture). Hopefully I did a good job as they will be some of our food for the winter. Next weekend we’re going slaughter a few chickens for food. One of them is a young rooster. We have an older rooster who will kill him eventually. This actually happen on one of my livestock days when I visited in March. It will be good to realize where my food comes from. At least these chicken have lived very enjoyable lives. Here they get to roam around all day and eat bugs as opposed to the┬ánations supply of fast food chickens. They get to live in stacked cages and crap on each other. I think the food documentary Food Inc. talks about this.

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  1. Dad Says:

    It all sounds physically hard and rewarding. I liked the info. on the gardening. Talk to you soon Kyle. Love Dad.

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